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(About the Cronosurf app - Model Wave)

"This app is the best watch app I've ever had. Of course, it also runs perfectly under my LG Sport with Wear 2.x. I can only recommend reading the instructions, because the clock has endless possibilities. But it is completely logical and clear to use. The only thing I wish is exactly this watch in REAL!"

Francisco S., Dec 25, 2018

"This is simply the best chronograph app. May be it's even the best chronograph, period."

Rene B., Oct 17, 2018

"Freaking amazing. Blowed my mind. Recommend to install, if you are horology enthusiast."

Tanmay C., Jul 12, 2018

(About the Android Wear watch face)
"Stunning Watch Face. Couldn't be happier and it is my new go to. Love that the ambient mode keeps much of the detail of the regular mode. I'm tired of ambient modes that strip away all the details to bare bones. This keeps 90% of the regular face but battery utilization is still great and not a drain at all in spite of this. Amazing job dev team! Highly recommended."

Terence A., Mar 27, 2018

"When only the best will do, Cronosurf is it. If you love tecky, plenty to fiddle with and heaps of useful adjustments, do not bother with any other as they simply will not do...!"

Matthew I., Nov 28, 2017

"This watch face is exceptional in every way. Beautiful design and faultless operation combine to create the perfect compliment to my Huawei watch. Thank you!"

John N., Aug 26, 2017

"Phenomenal piece of work. It's been my Android Wear face ever since I stumbled across it. Beautiful, surprisingly easy to glance at and see the time, and the attention to detail is just amazing."

Rian, Aug 06, 2017

"This is an incredibly well thought out watch face and is the only one in it's class for Android Wear. I'm interested to see if this gets complications support with Wear 2.0... Either way this is on my watch 24/7. Super powerful and on par with some of the most expensive watches out there."

Mike M., Apr 04, 2017

"Great watch face with loads of useful complications that actually work. Also the 'always on ambient' does not drain the battery on my huawei W1 and will last well over a day with a permanent on screen display. Not a review writer normally but this is worth feedback. Love it."

Paul M., Apr 02, 2017

"Amazing! Changed how I thought about watch faces."

Greg M., Feb 09, 2017

"Four years I have waited for a proper watch widget. Four years I have seen dozens of attempts, but none where convincing. This is even better, i.e. it is a live wallpaper. I still can't see why there aren't more of these and in this quality. I mean, look at the great smartwatch designs nowadays, but still none of those for a smartphone. Only this one and it looks great and has loads of UI gadgets crammed into it in such a way a real watchmaker would be jealous."

Henk K., Feb 01, 2017

"This is the watch face I've been looking for on Android Wear! Great functionality and a great analogue to a mechanical old school watch. The developer is very responsive and receptive to suggestions. I'm sticking with this app for sure."

Dustin J., Jan 22, 2017

"Got a smartwatch? Get this! This is the best chrono watch by a country mile. It looks amazing on my LG G watch R. Not only does it look great it functions beautifully with very little battery drain........6 stars."

Alan S., Jan 15, 2017

"Now we just need a real one... I've been using the pro version of this for a while and I really love it. I hope the developer keeps updating and refining this app, because it's my favorite live wallpaper. It's battery consumption is low and it's a nice little conversation piece when someone sees my phone screen."

Anonymous, Jan 10, 2017

"I hope the real deal arrives one day. Superb. Not enough 🌟 to truly rate it. 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟"

Ray A., Dec 4, 2016

"Genuinely mesmerising. A truly beautiful, highly comprehensive app. I am amazed and grateful, thank-you."

Sean P., Nov 26, 2016

"Looks amazing in my KW88!! Actually looks amazing every where. This one should be brought to real life in a standalone watch quartz or automatic, rubber, leather band... It's beautiful!!"

Luis C., Nov 15, 2016

"Best Watchface ever! It's free - it's very well done, stable, low power consumption. Highly recommended to users who like technical watches."

Pascal G. C., Nov 15, 2016

"Cronosurf is the best that now there is for my smartwatch KW88! Cronosurf - the most functional application for Android 5.1. The Cronosurf dial (face watch) is completely interactive. And this magnificent application absolutely free, has also no embedded advertizing. Miracles! Thank you for Cronosurf!!!"

Alisher A., Sep 30, 2016

"This app is brilliant, the best chronograph app that there is, The new layout with the buttons on the live wallpaper really looks good and adds to its aesthetic and realistic feel, I would highly recomend this app to anyone, great work guys and thanks for listening."

Jeff M., Sep 30, 2016

"Best app and live wallpaper ever. This is a great app and live wallpaper. It uses very little battery, is very useful and looks fantastic. I would like to have a real watch like this :-)"

Raymond C., Sep 11, 2016

"Um, maybe 500 stars? Functionality is out of this world - in my experience, unprecedented. If this thing proves to be reliable in the long run, I'm in love."

Robert H., Sep 04, 2016

"Super - Extremely low CPU load as active wallpaper!"

Jacek M., Jul 01, 2016

"Stands out from the rest. Great, I loved it! Nice work guys. Thanks for this really cool app!"

Dany H., Jun 22, 2016

"Lovely! A treat for addicts of mechanical watches!"

Retta M., May 9, 2016

"As a member of the Naval Aviation community for nine years this has some nuances of instruments I have seen. Love it!"

Ernie M.,Apr 27, 2016

"I used to fly, now I use simulator's. I still keep logs and still do flight planning. This is great for both real world and Simulation environments. Well done."

Daniel P., Mar 5, 2016

"Outstanding! Far and away the finest on the play store. Most of the competing apps can't even manage to get a functional second hand working, much less a sweep."

Derek D., Dec 28, 2015

"I have been searching the play store for a good analog clock/chronograph app. There is an abundance of analog clock live wallpapers and widgets but I wanted an app. My search is over. For not only have I finally found the app I was looking for but I also found one that is far better than anything I expected to find. This clock is a masterpiece in workmanship, function and style. To the developers : Thank you!"

James B.H., Sep 21, 2015

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