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ENGLISH - User Manual for Cronosurf Wave - Android/Wear OS - v.3.1.x 20210101

DEUTSCH - Bedienungsanleitung für Cronosurf Wave - Android/Wear OS - v.3.1.x 20210101
ESPAÑOL - Manual de usuario para Cronosurf Wave - Android/Wear OS - v.3.1.x 20210101

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WEAR OS UPDATE 3.2 - Issues with the Galaxy Watch4

FAQ - Cronosurf on Android / Wear OS

WEAR OS 3: Can't install Cronosurf Wave PRO on my Galaxy Watch 4

This seems to be an issue with Google Play in combination with Wear OS 3 wich happens only with the PRO version. If you get the message "Authentication required. Sign in to your Google account." try disconnecting the watch from the phone, resetting it and reconnecting it. Then try to install again. We are working on finding a better solution for this until Google Play fixes this on their side. (Sep 8 2021)

I installed the watchface on my phone, but it does not appear on my Wear OS watch. Why?

Although Wear OS 1.0 does this usually automatically, Wear OS 2.0 needs you to perform one of the following steps: If you have the watchface installed on your Android phone:

I purchased the PRO version and installed on my phone, but when trying to install the app on my watch or another device, the Play Store wants to charge again. Why?

We receive this question frequently. So far, the issue has always resolved on its own after a few hours or next day. In this case, the user will be able to install with no charge or, if he was already charged twice, Google will refund the user automatically within a few days. This seems to be a common glitch on Google servers, and it is outside of our control. If there is still an issue, we suggest contacting Google support directly.

What smartwatch is best suited for Cronosurf Wave?

We get this question a lot. While it is not easy to give a clear recommendation with all the different devices out there, we have made a summary of the characteristics to look for and a small selection of currently available watches. Please visit our Recommended smartwatches for Cronosurf Wave section.

Why is there no widget for the homescreen?

The graphical performance of Android widgets is limited and does not support graphical acceleration. Moreover, widgets under Android are not meant to be refreshed more than once every 15 minutes. With some technical tricks it is possible to refresh once per minute, which would lead to a poor experience for a watch like Cronosurf. Therefore, in order to bring Cronosurf to the homescreen, we decided to implement the Live Wallpaper, which offers a much better user experience. As a bonus, it appears behind the lock screen (except on some proprietary lock screens).

When setting the background image (PRO version), the app crashes.

This can be caused by the image loader. When you click on "Select image" on the Cronosurf LWP settings, you get several options to select an image. This are usually the default loader called "Images" and your installed viewers. Some of the viewers can lead to a crash. Just try a different one or use the default loader.

Occasionally I cannot stop the beeping alarm!

It may happen very rarely and on certain devices only (not Wear) that the touch event handler becomes temporarily unavailable when the alarm goes off. It seems to happen only when the Cronosurf Live Wallpaper is active. When this happens, you may be able to stop the alarm by using the hardware volume buttons of your phone/tablet.

In version 3.3.0 we managed to achieve a big improvement on this issue by internally separating the LWP task from the main app. While this issue can still occur, it has become extremely rare.

Why is the Live Wallpaper option grayed out?

It is grayed out because the Cronosurf Live Wallpaper is not running. Please activate it first. The standard Android procedure is to long press on an empty area on the home screen and select "Live wallpapers" from the appearing menu. This will show a list of the available Live Wallpapers. Select Cronosurf to activate it. Please note that some Android devices require a different procedure for this.

Android WEAR 1.x - I installed Cronosurf on my phone/tablet, but the Cronosurf watchface does not show up on my Android wearable.

If the Cronosurf watchface is not showing on the wearable, try rebooting the handheld. If that doesn't help, reboot the wearable. If that also fails, uninstall and reinstall the app.

Wear OS - The Wear watch is connected to my phone and Cronosurf is the active watchface, but the settings from the Cronosurf app don't get synced to the watch.

This can happen under some circumstances. It seems a transient problem and often times it resolves on its own. Otherwise, rebooting the watch may help.

On Wear OS 3 devices, the sync seems to work only when the screen of the watch is fully active (not ambient mode).

Wear OS - After rebooting the mobile, the watchface on the watch disappears and I have to reinstall the app. What is going on?

This is a known Android Wear bug. It happens when the app on the mobile is installed on the SD-card. Just move the app back to the internal storage.

Wear OS - Why is the Screen-On timer not the same as for the smartphone/tablet?

While you can set the Screen-On timer to 5, 15 and 30 minutes on Android handhelds, the timer times on Wear OS are 1, 5 and 15 minutes. The main reason for this is that saving battery on smartwatches is more critical than on handhelds. Besides, Wear OS devices offer the always-on feature. When activated, the watch will enter the dim mode, during which Cronosurf keeps most of its appealing design and readability.